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Miros�aw Adamczyk

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Win in China! It all starts from an idea.

There are some multinational companies which entered the Chinese market a decade ago or earlier. Now they are being prodded on by that dynamically growing market. However, the question is if there is still a chance for the newcomers to enter China and succeed? Can it be done by European middle sized companies?

Strategia na Chiny

Hiring an experienced manager for a strictly defined project has become a very popular and effective way of management. It brings benefits to both parties, plus the manager not only creates the solutions but also takes responsibility for implementation and results.

Interim Managment

Every company needs business consulting at some stage of growth - it is a natural consequence of development. It is advantageous to use the experience of someone who has done it before to avoid making the same mistakes. Thus one improves one’s chances of success and - saves money.

Business Consulting